Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Charmy Chauhan :A 22-year-old girl, fan of Narendra Modi surprised the TV audience

Charmy Chauhan
When 22-year old girl Charmy Chauhan praised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on NDTV Imagine channel’s youth oriented show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenga, everybody was surprised. In India, we usually come across young fans of cricketers and Bollywood stars, and when it comes to politicians, the youths seem only hating them, but when Charmy started talking about the importance of voting in election, she praised Narendra Modi and her administration so much on the show, that everyone was surprised to witness Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s fan following in youths in Gujarat.

When a discussion took place among Rahul Mahajan and girls in the reality entertainment TV show on the subject – whether one should vote or not, Charmy, a law student from Nanavati college in Ahmedabad said,”Good leader makes difference. We have witnessed tremendous development in Gujarat, thanks to Narendra Modi as our Chief Minister. I like Modiji so much that I keep his wallpaper in my mobile.”

While other girl in the show was surprised to know about this Gujarati girl who actually keeps not cricketer or actor’s photo but one politician’s wallpaper in her mobile and found this funny too, the central character of this reality show Rahul Mahajan said, “this girl has strong political opinion.” It was visible that Rahul’s large part of opinion on this topic was edited.

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