Thursday, November 24, 2011

What do boys notice in girls ?

As we all know that boys always notice few things in girls do you know what they are ?
Any one of you ever thought why guys notice few things and when ?

Lets start with few things that is maximum noticed by guys in girls that are


After watching above pic you will get the answer which part of body is noticed by guys

Breast is the most common part where guys see first because breast make them crazy if it has good shape and size after that butt same reason then after legs 

Then after  her dressing style that how she dressed her self this is the most important part after three that i mentioned above

After all guys notice how they smile girls have something in there smile if she give smile then boys can do any kind of work for her .Girls wear different kinds of smile depends on situations .

Guys notice how much time girls take to get ready. Guys remember that if girls take long time to get ready then she has some interest on you :)

how girls hand fits in there hand Girls always love to hold hands. Guys just can't imagine how both your hands perfectly fit together, thinking that it means you're meant for each other. Notice how guys play with your fingers and palms, and how they squeeze it every so often.

how girls have perfect waist Girls always love to be hugged. They also like to be held safe and secure. And guys love the feeling of you in their arms. Notice how guys hold you or hug you by the waist. They actually feel like they have the most precious thing in their hands. Then they squeeze tighter, not wanting to let go just yet.

Guys also notice how she carry her hair most of boys looking for long hair girls because long hair girls looks more beautiful :)

Sorry i forget to mention about eyes . Boys really love and gone mad after watching good eyes this things is not possible for me to explain hope you all got what i mean to say .

There are many guys who are looking for only few things that is sex so guys this is not for you :) 

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